Lars Lehmnn

Day 52

Planning for setup conversion


Today I used the day to think about the conversion of a setup. The setup is a environment for Windows client consisting of a Lenove Tower Server based Proxmox hypervisor.
The Proxmox host run a Univention Corporate Server, which acts as an Active Directory replacement and file server. In addition, a Windows VM is used as an RDP host to provide a management software. This management software is to be replaced in the future by an alternative, which will then be a cloud version.

Therefore, I have now planned what should happen with the UCS server, since the SMB file shares for Windows clients are still needed or alternatively a new solution must be built.
One possibility here is to use a file sharing platform such as Nextcloud, which would also have the advantage that mobile devices can access documents on the file server, from outside the local network. In the context of this conversion, I also ask myself if this server, which was originally purchased as a hypervisor for several VMs, is still needed or if it would be better to replace it with a VM or a smaller one.